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Best of 2018

These are the films that I view as the best of the year. It could be a big flashy action flick, or a smaller art-house type of film; all types are welcome here! As I see more films, this list will be updated, assuming the films that I see are any good.

1. Annihilation

One of the best sci-fi films in years is the leader in the clubhouse for the best film of the entire year. It will take something truly exceptional to knock this film from the first spot.
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2. Hereditary

Like Annihilation, Hereditary is one of the best of its genre in recent years, and is a breath of fresh air for Horror. In a sea of jump-scare clutter, Hereditary treats the audience to a special and incredibly memorable film experience.
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3. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse


The first outing for Miles Morales is arguably the best Spider-man film to date, and should kick start an exciting new future for the character; the leader in the clubhouse as the best animated film of the year.
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4. Avengers: Infinity War

The best of the big summer blockbusters is the only such film to make this list so far. A technically impressive film, it manages to cram a massive amount within its run-time without ever feeling bloated or out of control.
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5. First Man

first man

With First Man, Damien Chazelle continues to examine the human pursuit of greatness. Exhilarating and intense scenes of bravery and human ingenuity punctuate a film whose other scenes can’t quite push it over the edge.
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6. Isle of Dogs

Wes Anderson continues his trend of making very high quality films utilizing his very distinct film-making style. Though very good, it seems that his formula is starting to become predictable, and may need some revitalization before people begin to turn on his style.
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7. Incredibles 2
incredibles poster

Once again, Pixar delivers with the exciting and anticipated return of everyone’s favorite super-family. More humorous than the first, it continues Pixar’s incredible streak of quality (well if you ignore Cars 2).
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8. A Quiet Place

While not the transcendent experience like Hereditary, A Quiet Place is a very finely crafted horror film, and is able to play with sound in a unique and novel way. It sticks to convention more than I would like, but it still delivers those conventional aspects very well.
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9. Ant-Man and the Wasp

Another fine Marvel film, and a nice, light pallet-cleanser after the dread of Infinity War. Ant-Man continues to serve as the lighthearted stalwart of the Marvel tonal spectrum (which is already pretty lighthearted to begin with) and the fight choreography stands out as some of the best that Marvel has been able to deliver.
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