Don’t bother.

No long write up here, as this film simply is not worth it.

This is not a horrible film, but it has almost no redeeming qualities. LikeĀ Annabelle: Creation, this is a film that is just dull. There is no real energy or excitement at any point in the film. That fact is actually a shame, as it has some pieces which could have made it a fun film which could stand out in a weak August.

Unfortunately, it squanders its potential by being too straightforward and not risky enough. Every move feels safe and uninspired. At best this is a film that can be a fine one to throw on the t.v. while doing chores during the weekend. At worst, this feels like a cheap film whose paltry budget was mostly paid for by Ford that fails to take advantage of its interesting premise and capable cast to deliver anything close to a satisfying experience. There isn’t even that much to talk about over the course of a more detailed review, as it is too predictable and straightforward.

If you are bored and willing to drop ten bones on this on a Tuesday afternoon in an empty theater, then knock yourself out. Otherwise, this is a film that few will find worth the cost of entry.

Pass. Go spend time doing something more constructive while you wait for some films worth everyone’s time to come out.