A new year brings us a new Spiderman, and this one may be the best one of the bunch.

Tom Holland is the latest to take the reigns as the webhead, and his Spiderman is the youngest one yet at only 15 years old in the film. The decision to go with a younger Spiderman is a successful one, as this iteration of both Peter Parker and Spiderman feels more distinct than the previous one.

Another good decision was to skip the origin story; there are only so many times we can handle seeing Uncle Ben get killed. This also allows more time for other characters to develop which results in a villain that is more memorable than most others in the MCU.

The film suffers from some slow moments, and there are some gags that go on a little too long. Despite that, it is a solid film that should entertain most people who go to see it.

Spiderman: Homecoming compares very favorably with the other two comic book films of this summer season, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Wonder Woman. Being in the same universe, it has a lot of the Marvel charms of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and may even be a bit stronger top to bottom. It doesn’t take itself as seriously as Wonder Woman, and while it doesn’t quite match some of the high moments of Wonder Woman, it has fewer low moments as well.

Logan is its own thing, as it behaves the least like a typical comic book film which makes comparisons between it and the other three films a little unnecessary. But if one wanted a comparison, Logan would come out on top with the other three all jockeying for second.

I forgot something! Be sure to stay to the very end of the credits, as this film has by far the best end credits scene of any of the MCU films. You will not be disappointed.