Baby Driver is the best film so far this summer.

It is fun, fast paced, exciting, and it has very few weaknesses. If you took Drive from 2011, removed the dramatic tension, and replaced it with fun action with a touch of humor, you would have Baby Driver.

It is not as serious as Drive, which behaves more like a thriller at parts, instead it has more fun with itself, which results in a movie that is entertaining from the very outset.

One of the strengths of the film is in its soundtrack. Not only the songs that are playing, but how Edgar Wright plays with it as almost both diegetic and non-diegetic at the same time. When baby has one of his ear buds pulled out the soundtrack cuts from one side of the theater simulating it. It is a very clever use of sound that helps put the audience in Baby’s head.

This movie is highly recommended, as it is just a flat-out well-made movie from a director who knows how to put something together that is very fun and entertaining.