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The fifth Transformers movie is here, and for the fifth time, it is a confusing mess that provides enough entertainment to earn the coveted review of, “ehh, it’s alright.”

The first Transformers film released 10 years ago with one of the greatest teaser trailers of all time. It made over $700 million dollars worldwide and began a global phenomenon. A decade later, the franchise has become the poster child of big budget action movies that feature an incoherent plot dressed in over the top CGI causing destruction that would make Roland Emmerich blush.

And Transformers: The Last Knight does nothing to buck that trend as it is one of the more confusing films in the franchise with plenty of plot holes that will leave the audience asking what the heck is going on at every turn. Heaven forbid you have to take a bathroom break. If so, you can just kiss the story good bye as you will be lost beyond comprehension.

However, as with all Transformers films, there is enough action and big spectacle events to keep you entertained. Despite being two and a half hours long, it never feels like a slog and manages to not overstay its welcome. If you have seen one Transformer film, you have seen them all, so this one should not come as a surprise.

Now will someone please get Michael Bay a tripod? That guy has got to learn how to keep the god dammed camera still.